October 2013

Beta Testing!

Exciting times. After a lot of hard work getting the SwimCloud app up and running, we have asked a small group of key Swimmers and Coaches to Beta Test the App.

The SwimCloud app is a real-time web-based app that runs on a smartphone, tablet or PC. It allows Competitive Swimmers and their Coaches to share training goals, manage upcoming events, and manage out-of-pool metrics such as resting heart rate and sense of wellbeing. We’re making is easy for Swimmers and Coaches to manage and share this data.

We’ve got plenty more awesome features in the pipeline, but the first task is to get feedback on the present features and make sure we’ve got these right. So Beta Testers, you know who you are, let us know how you’re getting on. We’ve built in an instant feedback tool, just click “feedback anytime” and let know anything you’re thinking.

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